Dacalier Wines

Rhone Varietal Purists from north of the Napa County Line                                                           

Dacalier Wine Co. specializes in Rhone red and rosé blends to reflect the elegant and silky feminine wines of the Southern France.   Winemaker Eric Gordon has worked with an impressive array of top oenologists, including Philippe Melka, Marco DiGuilio, Nils & Kirk Venge, and Sarah Gott. His partners Dave Smigielski and their significant others Erica and Lisa, collectively create remarkably authentic Rhone style bottlings of minerality and earthiness, utilizing sustainable practices in concert with their mutual philosophies.
2008 Dacalier De la Terre
2008 Dacalier De la Terre Sold Out - $ 45.00 $ 240.00
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2009 Dacalier Deux Barriques
2009 Dacalier Deux Barriques Sold Out - $ 28.00 $ 35.00
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